Smith River Clean-Up 2012

OK folks here is a heads up, we need you to put the Smith River Clean Up on your calendar. Don’t plan on anything else for Saturday, August 4th because here is a chance to back up all that “I’m for a clean environment” with action.  In other words put in some “sweat equity”. Smith River Trout Unlimited, Dan River Basin Association and Gateway have teamed up to conduct a 30 mile clean up of the Smith River from Philpott Dam, downstream to Eggleston Falls. (See attached flyer)

Obviously a massive effort such as this requires lots of help – that is where you come in. If you belong to an organization such as hiking or paddling club, church group, bowling league, professional organization, neighborhood watch, fishing club, etc, etc we’d love to have you adopt and concentrate your efforts on a predetermined section of the river for the day. If you’re an individual or just a couple of fishing buddies we’ll pair you up with others to hit a section of the river.  We’ll provide gloves, safety vests, litter bags, drinking water and a limited number of canoes. If you’re going to wade you should bring your own waders. If you or your group have access to canoes or small Jon boats they will come in handy for transporting trash to centralized pick up points. We even have some jobs for those who do not want to wade or are otherwise unable to get wet.

We’re setting up headquarters at Gravely Nature Preserve, 2525 Eggleston Falls Rd, Ridgeway VA. All volunteers are asked to assemble there prior to 9:00 am on Saturday so we can get a headcount and pass out safety equipment and assignments. We will assemble there again at 2:30 pm for an assessment of work accomplished, work still to be done, group photo and a cook out for all participants. Several members of SRTU will also be available after the event to fish with “out of towners” who may want to learn more about the Smith River Fishery.

Stay tuned for additional information. If you have questions or would like to volunteer for a specific task or section of the river contact SRTU VP Lisa Hall at 434-713-1888 or email

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