Smith River Action Alert

Smith River Action Alert

We all hope the dam repairs are completed soon. When that happens, do you want the weekend releases to start up again like they were structured last fall and winter?

Please send your response to the stakeholders and more by completing the attached Action Alert. Deadline is Oct. 31!

Smith River Action Alert

2 responses to “Smith River Action Alert”

  1. John Abadie says:

    Should we get a consensis at the Annual Meeting and communicate a joint response?

    • Doug Jessie says:

      It’s Doug. I’m sorry I did not see this until after our meeting. First, thanks for sending a response to the Action Alert. Second, thanks for not forgetting this is an ongoing process. The next step is the delivering of the responses. A couple of other responses/avenues are in in the works. Hopefully we have a mutually agreeable release policy by the annual meeting. And hopefully the dam has been fixed! Call if you want to talk. 540-874-6560

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