March Meeting Minutes and Upcoming Events

Minutes of SRTU meeting held at Rania’s Restaurant in uptown Martinsville on Thursday, March 1, 2018, at 6:30 pm

Meeting called to order by SRTU Vice President Eric Tichay

Nineteen members and guests present – Several “newbies”  to include a couple kids who are learning to tie flies.

Reading of previous minutes suspended in the interest of saving time – minutes previously posted on chapter Website / Facebook page and emailed to folks on secretary’s distribution list.

Treasurer Roy Ford reports our check book at the beginning of last quarter was 2,060.95.  We spent $171 on food at Fish w/Friend and deposit on Grindstone Campground trip.  Raffles brought in$ 57.  Interest for the quarter was $00.65 Check book balance as of March 1, 2018 is $1,947.60

Old Business:

Outgoing SRTU President Doug Jessie who deserves our applause and deep appreciation for his outstanding leadership the past 3 years was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the Virginia Council Trout Unlimited (VCTU). Doug will now join the SRTU Board of Directors.

SRTU Agenda for 2018 – The SRTU Board of Directors met in early January and agreed to an agenda for the coming year. This agenda has be published and forwarded to everyone on our email list.

New Business:

  VP Eric Tichay briefed us on several events that have occurred since our December meeting and events planned for the near future:

Anglers Choice Open House – We staffed a booth at this bass and boat oriented event on January 26-27.  We made a few contacts and demonstrated the tying of flies which are used for bass and stripers.

Virginia Council Trout Unlimited (VCTU); Quarterly Meeting – Several members of the SRTU leadership attended the February 10th VCTU quarterly meeting held at James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA.  Items of interest were:

  • VDGIF Presentation: Managing Wild Trout in Virginia, Paul Bugas and Steve Reeser,
  • VDGIF shared their 3rd draft multi-step wild trout management plan with VCTU
  • Chapter members shared ideas and gave opinions
  • VDGIF will share future drafts and ask for VCTU input

March 24, Spring River Clean Up: Meet at Bassett / Trent Hill Canoe Ramp at 8:30 am. Pizza and fishing after clean up.  Eric Tichay  will take the lead. Clean up will take place in Fieldale on the 1.1-mile section, along Route 57, Appalachian Drive. It begins near Fieldale Park and bridge at the intersection of Route 701, Field Ave. & Route 57 and ends just before 2899 Appalachian Drive, Meeks Auto Specialty Center. This section of highway has several pull-offs for fishermen.

May 4-6 Annual Mt Rogers/Grayson Highlands Area Camping and Fishing Trip:  Fish Whitetop-Laurel, Green Cove, S. Fork of the S. Holston, Fox, Big Wilson and others. Camp at the Grindstone Campground and share dinners and breakfasts – lunch on your own. Contact Doug Jessie at 540-874-6560 or  to reserve your spot. Two campsites are reserved.

May 19,     Blue Ridge Heritage Veterans Trout Fishing Event:   We assisted with this for the past three years and it is a very good program.  We help with untangling lines, fish handling and general duties.  Event takes place between Woolwine & Meadows of Dan just off the south side of the BRP.   Al Kittredge will take lead – he needs volunteers to assist.

June 15-17 Group Fishing Trip to South Holston:  A house for up to 8 participants was rented and quickly filled up. Although 8 anglers are booked, you can sign up as a standby. People have been known to cancel!   Contact Doug Jessie at 540-874-6560 or .

August 11 Smith River Fest:  Fly tie and casting demo, talk up TU. Roy Ford  has the lead. He needs lots of help because many members who regularly volunteer for this event will be out of town.

Trout Unlimited Costa 5 Rivers Program: Forrest Brown, Ferrum College student, has been working with the college and TU on developing the Ferrum College Fly Fishing Club and is the club President.  Aaron Conover, Director, Ferrum Outdoors is the college advisor. SRTU is the club sponsor. The 5 Rivers program organizes campus clubs that teach students fly casting and fly tying and provides volunteer stream conservation activities. Students in the 5 Rivers clubs have the chance to join the sponsoring TU Chapter, participate in activities, and lend a young voice. We look forward to their participation and helping the club grow.

Meeting Theme and Feature Presentation:

 Fly Tying Theme – Martin Jones (aka PeeWee) did a great job as our celebrity fly tier for the evening.  PeeWee demonstrated the tying of several flies that helped him earn the reputation as one of the better fisherman on the Smith River. For the most part PeeWee subscribes to the saying “big flies, big fish”.  Several other SRTU members also  brought their tying vise and showed some of their favorite creations. Wayne Kirkpatrick provided us with a “tub of bugs” so we could compare our hair and hackle flies to the real thing.   All in all a very lively crowd who eagerly watched, learned a little and left with new ideas that will help fill their fly boxes. (Several photos of the meeting are posted on our website   and our Facebook page  )

Swap Table: Nothing on the swap table this evening – If you have not participated in the swap table you may be missing out. Bring what you want to sell or trade. Slap your name and a price on it and recycle the stuff you don’t use or need. Look around for those “it was a good idea at the time” purchases you made but now reside in the back of your closet or garage. Be ready to haggle. Bring some extra cash and walk away with some neat “I need one of those” items!

Raffle:  Box filled with “Smith River Specials”  donated by Eric Tichay and a large hook box donated by PeeWee won by Al Kittredge  (PeeWee also donated several books which will be used for future  raffles)  Our thanks to both for their generous contributions.

Next regular meeting will be on Thursday, June 7, 2018   6:30 pm @ Rania’s

Any errors or omissions in these minutes are entirely mine. Please refer any comments or questions concerning these minutes to SRTU Secretary Al Kittredge,   or telephone 910-868-6235

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