June Meeting Minutes

Minutes of SRTU meeting held at Riana’s Restaurant in uptown Martinsville on Thursday, June 4, 2015, at 6:30 pm

Meeting called to order by SRTU President Doug Jessie

Fifteen members and guests present

Reading of previous minutes suspended in the interest of saving time – minutes previously posted on chapter Website / Facebook page and emailed to folks on secretary’s distribution list.
Treasurer Scott Griffins reports our check book at the beginning of last quarter was $1,669.94 We raised $75 on a fly box full of poppers, foam bugs and nymphs donated by guest speaker Anthony Hipps. We picked up Anthony ‘ s meal @ $14.72 and also wrote a check to Doug Jessie for $111 as reimbursement for the campsite on the Grindstone trip. That makes our new balance $1,619.22.
Old Business:

• The May 15-17, Group fishing/camping trip to Mt Rogers / Grayson Highland / Grindstone campground area was a success. Good fishing, good food and lots of fun. Some of our regulars were on “sick leave” but they were replaced by a couple newcomers. We will do it again next year.

• Wayne Kirkpatrick thanked us for all the support provided to the Blue Ridge Heritage, Inc (BRHI). BRHI held a Military Veterans Appreciation Fishing Event on Saturday, April 25, 2015 near the Meadows of Dan adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The weather was wet and blustery but everyone caught some nice fish. They plan to make this an annual event with the date moving into early May. We pledged to support this again next year.

New Business:

• Chapter VP Eric Tichay represented the SRTU Chapter at the 2015 Trout Unlimited Southeast Regional Meeting held in Asheville, NC on April 18. The Southeast region includes state councils from VA, WV, KY, NC, SC, TN, AL and GA. Eric has written a memo sharing what he learned with the SRTU leadership. This memo is on file and available from the chapter secretary if anyone would like more details.

• Fish, Lie & Tie @ the Bassett Cabin on June 12-14 is fast approaching. It is Open to one and all! (Please let the leadership know you’re coming so we can plan accordingly) Cost will be about $20 and will cover basic supplies, a BBQ dinner Saturday evening, breakfast Saturday and Sunday and a light lunch on Saturday. Other meals on your own. Any excess funds will go to the treasury. Shane Pinkston has already coordinated for cabin and will take lead on this event. Several others have agreed to assist

• Smith River Fest on August 8th is right around the corner – We will staff a booth to provide TU information; do a fly tying demonstration and provide casting instruction. Eric Tichay has the lead, assisted by Dean Phoebus, Al Kittredge and others – we hope that means you.

• VDGIF Biologist George Palmer has let us know the following:

1) VDGIF recently stocked 5500 Triploid Brown Trout fingerlings below the Martinsville Dam. These fish are about 4 inches long. If you are fishing down that way and catch any please let someone from the SRTU leadership know where and how healthy they look and we will forward that info to George.

2) VDGIF will bring one raft and crew to sample the river below Martinsville Dam on 23-24 June. We are invited to tag along in a canoe or kayak to take photos and help when they process the fish. Contact Al Kittredge for up-to-date information as to time and location.

3) VDGIF will conduct their annual multi-location sampling of the Smith River on August 11-13. This is a wading sample and requires a large crew. Volunteers are always appreciated. If you don’t feel comfortable wading there are several land based tasks you can assist with. Contact Al Kittredge for up-to-date information as to time and location.

Meeting Theme and Feature Presentation:

We were fortunate to have well known fly fisherman, celebrity fly tier and frequently published author Anthony Hipps join us at our June 4th meeting to talk about “The Joys of Fly Fishing for Warm Water Species”. Most folks think of fly fishing as a sport exclusively for catching trout. Anthony pointed out we are missing lots of fun filled opportunities with that theory. Not only are warm water species fun to catch, some species such as bream are a great way to teach kids and novice anglers the skills of fly fishing. At the conclusion of his presentation Anthony broke out his fly tying vice and showed us how to tie some of the flies and poppers which have made him mildly famous in fly tying circles.

Great presentation Anthony – Thanks. Thanks also for the very generous donation of a fly box containing over 30 “Anthony Hipps poppers, bugs and nymphs” for our raffle. We still think Darrin Doss should share them!

Additional Events Scheduled For Remainder of year:

• August 8, Smith River Fest – Fly tie demo, talk up TU, casting demo. Eric Tichay lead, assisted by Dean Phoebus, Al Kittredge and others – we hope that means you.

• September 3, Regular Meeting. Salt Water Fishing. Al Kittredge has lined up Keith Gallaher, a well traveled and very accomplished flats, inshore, and offshore salt water fisherman who does it all but specializes in saltwater fly fishing as our guest speaker.

• September 12, Fish with a friend & cook out. Meet at Mirror Plant parking lot. Scott Griffin is lead on this.

• December 3, Regular Meeting, “Health of The Smith River” report from VDGIF. Al Kittredge will coordinate with DGIF for speaker.
Next regular meeting will be on Thursday, September 3, 2015

• “Salt Water Fishing” Keith Gallaher, a well traveled and very accomplished flats, inshore and offshore salt water fisherman who does it all but specializes in saltwater fly fishing will be our guest speaker.
Any errors or omissions in these minutes are entirely mine. Please refer any comments or questions concerning these minutes to SRTU Secretary aakitt@earthlink.net or telephone 9120-868-6235

Al Kittredge
Secretary, SRTU

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