June Camping and Fishing Trip

Hey all. Hope you’re getting the lines wet between the high water events.
Our scheduled camping and fishing trip to Grayson/Smyth Counties is coming up on June 14,15,16. We’ll stay two nights as a group in a NF campground and fish all day and tell tall tales all night (well, not all night). You’ll be close to the Fox, Wilson, S. Holston, Whitetop Laurel, Little Laurel and more. I’ll need a commitment by June 1 so we can lock down the campsites. Your cost would be for your share of the sites, your food and other supplies, a share of the firewood (because of Ash Borer and other nasties you can’t bring outside wood into NF), and transportation. You can team up for meals or do your own thing. Car pooling is encouraged. Choose your fishing partners as you please. I encourage you to change partners and streams as much as you can. You might learn something! I’ll provide more stream info to participants so you can do some mapping and recon work. With the cooler weather and plentiful rains, fishing should be excellent. Contact me for more info and to sign up.
Doug Jessie

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