Grayson Highlands Area Trip – June 20-21

Hey sports fans! Back to Grindstone Campground we go.
Friday and Saturday dinner together, Saturday and Sunday breakfast, too. On your own for lunches.
Limited to 12. 12 sane people. The campground will be full and shenanigans will need to be toned down.
We still plan on having fun, though!
Same large campsite. 30D.
Cost is $15 each.
Limited to four, that’s 4 tents. Hammocks are overlooked (so far).
Parking for four cars at the site, others in overflow area 150 yds. away. Carpool if possible.
Fishing was very good last year on this same weekend, I expect the same.
No trout stamp is needed for any waters since it’s after June 15. Get a NF stamp, though.
If you go into Grayson Highlands State Park, they will charge per car.

SRTU members have first dibs on spots until June 2.
If others want on the waiting list, I’ll start one now.
Contact me to sign up and for questions.
Looking for volunteers to provide dinners and get reimbursed. Pre-prepared for the most part works out great.
Need volunteers to help with breakfasts, also.




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