Fish With A Friend Event

Our annual “Fish with a Friend” event will closely follow our regular meeting. On Saturday, September 12th, we’ll meet at the Mirror Plant at 8:30 for an orientation and spread out for fishing from there. As many of you know they are now releasing water from 10-2 on weekends. This will be an excellent opportunity to fish with a “Smith River Regular” who knows how to fish around the generation schedule. We’ll reassemble downstream at 12:30 at the Trent Hill Canoe Ramp (adjacent to burned out Bassett Chair Factory) to compare stories and SRTU complementary burgers/hot dogs/soft drink. After lunch would be a great time to head back upstream behind the generation surge – falling water often triggers an aggressive bite. Bring a friend – bring two! We have over 30 miles of good trout fishing so there is plenty of room to spread out.

For more information contact SRTU President Doug Jessie at 549-874-6560 or SRTU Secretary Al Kittredge at 910-624-3457

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