2013 Smith River Fest Report

SRTU participated in the Fest and we were well represented.

From the Martinsville Bulletin: http://www.martinsvillebulletin.com/article.cfm?ID=38645

Attendance was up, the crew had a great location next to the beer garden. There was tying, lying, casting, fishing and conservation talk. A big thanks to Shane, Al, Scott, Roy, Ralph, Lizz and Neil for staffing our tent and representing us so well. They sold some tickets for our print drawing and conducted a raffle for a donated L.L.Bean fly fishing set. The raffle netted us $75. And it gets better. Ben Crouch held the winning ticket and donated it back to the club. It will reappear at our September 14th Fish With A Friend Event. Also, mark your calendar for our September 5th meeting. Stephen Hiner, aka “Bugman”, will tell us about and show us aquatic insect life on the Smith and other area streams. Wayne Kirkpatrick will bring his “bucket of bugs” to enhance the show. More info in later posts! And who wants to go back to Grayson/Smyth Co. in October? It’s being talked about!

Fly fishing print








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