March Meeting Minutes

Smith River Trout Unlimited, Chapter #264

Basset/Martinsville, VA

Minutes of meeting held at Ranias’ restaurant in Martinsville, on Thursday, March 7, 2013, at 6:30 pm

Meeting was called to order by SRTU President Shane Pinkston.

Approximately 22 members and guests present.

Previous meeting’s minutes were not read. They had been emailed to those on the secretary’s distribution list.

Treasurer Scott Griffin was absent due to work matters. We also paid $17.81 for our tier’s dinner. We took in $212 for the raffle of a loaded Smith river Fly Box and a Griffin Vise. After the raffle and expenses, the checkbook balance was $1582.65.

fly box
Betty Kirkpatrick scored the fly box with all of the member tied Smith River Specials.

Old Business:

We had no old business to discuss.

New Business:

We had sent out the Bylaws to everyone on the email list after the Board of Directors approved them. Shane called for a motion to approve them, we got a second, and a show of hands approved the Bylaws. They will be submitted to national TU.

Shane read through the calendar of events that is currently proposed:

• The next meeting will be held on June 6. We announced we would be having a quest tier featuring soft body poppers, but that did not work out. More on the program later.
• We’ll have a club Fishing and Camping trip on the 14-16th of June. We’ll be going to Grayson Co. and camping at Grindstone Campground in the NF (tentative). You can team up with other members and fish a multitude of streams in the Grayson Highlands SP, Whitetop Laurel, Wilson, Fox, upper S. Branch of the Holston, and more. You have the opportunity to catch the brook/brown/bow slam here. We’ll catch up at the fireside later for all the stories/lies. Menus and cooking will generally be on your own, but we may want to collaborate on a meal or two. Contact Doug Jessie for more info. or 540-874-6560. We want to get adjacent camp sites so let’s get on board by April 15th, please.

• The annual 2013 River Cleanup will be held on July 20th. We will meet at the Basset canoe ramp. More details to follow.
• The Smith River Fest will be on Aug. 10. We’ll have tent, do some tying, do show casting instruction and talk to the public. We’ll also have a LL Bean fly fishing outfit to raffle off. Volunteers needed, please. Contact Al, aakitt@
• Our September meeting is on the 5th. Program to be announced.
• We’ll have Fish With A Friend on Sept. 14th. We will invite club members and the public to come out and fish or scout the river with a more experienced club member in the morning, then meet back for a cookout and more club fishing after. An overnight campout might develop for that night. Plans still in progress. Contact Scott Griffin,
• Our December meeting will be on the 5th.
Shane opened the meeting up any fishing stories, trip report, gear review that anyone wanted to share. Darrin shared his recent Muskie experience and a pic of his first Muskie on the fly. Pretty awesome experience. He said it ruined him and they might be his new obsession. He bought a 10wt. within a week.

We moved right into our feature for the meeting after that.

Feature Presentation:

Paul Gruver and Ralph Muller showed off their tying skills, and showed us techniques and tips that will make all of us better tiers. They both used basic materials in innovative ways to produce very beautiful and “fishy” ties. Watching a video or reading and viewing a recipe is one thing. To see these skilled tiers in action was very educational and entertaining. Thanks to both of them for their time and generosity.


We did have a reporter for the Martinsville Bulletin at the meeting who filed a story based on the fly tying.
Wish we could have proofread the article first.

Next Meeting will be Thursday, June 6, 2013 – We will announce a program as soon as it is decided and arranged.

If any errors and omissions are noticed, please bring them to my attention so they can be corrected.

Doug Jessie
Secretary, SRTU

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